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Continuing Education

Continuing Education


We are Dedicated to Continuing Education

Continuing education is essential for people in all stages of the industry. Be it a requirement for a certification or for your own self-improvement, it is important to keep your mind and skills sharp and stay up-to-date on the industry's current standards and coming innovations. We at MCDLG wants to provide knowledge not only through our information articles, but we also aim to reinvest in the future of the industry by providing credited Continuing Education courses. Our courses have been put together by leaders of our division and are designed to help you gain a strong foundation to help you be more informed and successful in the HVAC industry.

Our courses are hosted on AEC Daily and are provided as both self-paced and as live learning sessions. Check out our AEC page to schedule a live learning session today or view our courses below.


An Introduction to Louver Selection

This course describes how to select and size ventilation louvers. It reviews louver basics, components, options accessories, considerations and sizing methodologies affecting selection and performance along with those tests and standards that inform selection, especially in regards to the use of WDR (Wind Driven Rain) and Hurricane louvers.

Presented by: Greg Crosby, Arrow United Industries


Fire & Smoke Protection with Life Safety Dampers

Provides an overview of life safety dampers: fire, smoke, and combination fire/smoke dampers with a focus on different styles and types, their uses and benefits, and a discussion on proper installation practices and guidelines.

Presented by: Michael Binkholder, Air Balance Inc.